March 04, 2008


Am having a 'can I go back to bed yet?' day. In fact, I've been having a few of those lately. More than can be blamed on changeable weather and lack of maids. However I've been poked and prodded by the doctors and am declared healthy or at least not having anything obvious that would make one tired. Which leaves the not obvious or the general go go go of the last eight months or so has caught up with me.

So I guess it's time for plan B. Which I think is a naturopath, Freya having recommended one who isn't quite as extreme as the one I saw when I had glandular fever (who yes, helped the energy level at the time but was a leetle too fond of "high protein, high protein, high protein, here drink a mucho disgusting protein shake" for my comfort). I don't eat terribly so there has to be a happy medium somewhere.

If that doesn't work, we'll figure out plan C, though I have no idea what that is given I still haven't located the rich husband store so can't really afford to do nothing but lie on a beach for twelve months typing and reading and lazing and admiring said rich husband while lackeys do everything else....short pause while I convince myself that I really can't afford it...okay, I'm back.

In the meantime, it's time to get back to meditating and exercising and loading up on the healthy food (the latter two being not so easy to execute consistently when one is feeling exhausted).

And I can be tired and not write or tired and still writing. Given not writing doesn't help the stress levels any, I'm planning on the latter. After all, you can write lying down! Barbara Cartland apparently dictated her novels. That sounds like the ultimate low energy way to write. Though I'm not sure I could do it that way.

So the plan is general taking it easy, writing and relaxing. And in the next ten minutes or so...bedtime!

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