March 26, 2008

Clever friends

A big woooooohooooooooooooooooooooo!!! to my extra clever friends.

Kelly Hunter with a RITA final in short contemporary (or whatever they're calling that now) for Sleeping Partner (a fabulous book).

Anna Campbell with a DOUBLE RITA final for Untouched and Claiming the Courtesan.

Anne Gracie with another RITA final for The Perfect Kiss

Tracey O'Hara for a GH final in paranormal with Night's Cold Kiss.

And several of my fellow 07 finalists have been extra clever and finalled again so big yays to Kelly Ann Riley, Melissa James, Theresa Ragan (another double), Kristina McMorris (and her mom), Shelley Corriell and Kim Howe!!

1 comment:

Anna Campbell said...

Hey, thanks, Mel. And waving to fellow Bandita Kim - it's such a small world, this one, isn't it? Can't wait to party in San Francisco. I'd like to extend my congratulations again to Kelly and Tracey. Great to see the Oz girls up there!