March 30, 2008

Blitz me

I woke up with the slightly nutty idea that if I write 18 pages today I'll be at 60k. I don't know why, maybe it's because that's the length my short contemps are, but 60k feels much closer to done than being in the fifties.

I'm going to try doing some alphie blitzes, I always write faster on the alphie, and see how I go....hopefully the fact that I stayed up until after 1am watching North and South thanks to Keri lending me the DVDs will not come back to haunt me.

Lunch break update. Eight pages down....ten more seems do-able. Though it would be easier with diet coke and chocolate : ) Instead I shall have vegie soup and herbal tea. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it!

The final tally. I could maybe do a few more but I don't think my hands will thank me for it tomorrow. Damn, does this mean I have to do some housework after all?

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - Nineteen
Intriguing things - Lurve
Annoyances - Nothing major
Music - Moby. Chris Isaak - Wicked Games. Scissor Sisters. iPod.
Linear/Non-linear - Linear.
Location - Alphie in bed
Taking care of Mel - Meditation.
Muse food - North and South last night and McDreamy tonight (yay)!

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