March 20, 2008


It's official. The girls are saying nuh-uh to what I thought happened next. of course, they are not doing anything useful like saying "here. try this instead". Therefore I declared today and yesterday official days of pondering (aka trying to figure out what the heck does happen). Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone and we'll see.

Books are tricky. And this heroine is proving interesting. She doesn't seem to realise she's the heroine in an urban fantasy. She is pretty set on ignoring the woo-woo in her world due to her past. All that's about to change as she's just found out something that means she can't stick the head in the sand anymore but it's made it tricky to get that stuff into the story so far. Because she determinedly doesn't deal with that part of the world. Oh well, something to figure out in the revisions.

I have the next five days off, so would like to get 20-40 pages done. I guess we'll see if how that pans out. There also has to be hot cross bun baking, ballet attending and some exercising given not much cardio has occurred this week. But hey, no day job sucking up 10 hours or so a day, so all that should be do-able!

Now, I'm either going to watch Once (yay Quickflix) or go to bed. Decisions, decisions.


Robyn E said...

Sounds like a relaxing fun weekend. What was the ballet?

Mel said...

Er, it will be Swan Lake, I think. The Graeme Murphy one. Which confuses me because I thought that was the one we weren't going to see this year as we saw it maybe two years ago. But it must be Manon (pretty but depressing) that we piked out of.

Whatever, pretty dancing all good.