March 11, 2008

Snoozing needed

Ugh. Slept terribly last night thanks to the orange cat and the very loud cicadas and loud people driving in my street and traffic noise and general mugginess. Finally fell asleep about six I think, then woke up at 9. As in when I'm meant to start work. Oops. Hopefully tonight will be better because the rest of the week is meant to be hot, hot, hot (ick). I think I'll be sleeping on my couch with the aircon. But at least I'm not in Adelaide where they've already had a few weeks of this with another one coming. And even hotter than here. 38 and 40ish which is Mel code for "I think you should move" : )

But still, I have written. Therefore:

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - 4 (good enough given aforementioned sleep-needing)
Intriguing things - sore heads
Annoyances - a rapidly expanding cast list
Music - Back to Moby. Headphones.
Linear/non-linear - Non. Skipped back to the scene I'd skipped ahead from a few days ago.
Location - Desk. Scrivener (full screen mode if you're interested)
Taking care of Mel - Meditation. Healthy cooking. Planning an early night.
Muse food - no soup today for them

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