March 25, 2008

Reporting in

Well, yay. I actually did write forty pages over Easter. Amazing what a couple of work free days can do. And somewhere back there I apparently passed 300 posts on this blog. Which means I've been chatty lately because I only hit 200 sometime later last year from memory. Anyway, the final score for today is:

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - Nine. Apparently a bit here and a bit there still adds up. Plus I did research!
Intriguing things - Uncharacteristic behaviour
Annoyances - I've just about reached the point in my very vague plot outline where it basically says "um, stuff happens". Which means I have to figure out said stuff. Oh well, plotting is overrated. I just need a fog lamp.
Music - The whole soundtrack for once. Blasting away on the speakers. So apparently stitching requires more musical variety
Linear/Non-linear - Non.
Location - In my chair, at the desk, my trusty Scrivener. Scrivener is great for stitching. But normal mode mostly.
Taking care of Mel - Meditation.
Muse food - More Gilmore Girls.

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