March 18, 2008


Hooray, it's finally cooled down. Last night the temp stayed around 27-28 degrees all night. Not good for sleeping. But now we have lovely cool evening with breeze. And it's meant to be nice for the rest of the week. Only two days of which are left before I have five days off for Easter. Yay.

I've even written in between everything else I've squeezed in today. None of which is exciting enough to mention here.

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - Four
Intriguing things - Beguilement
Annoyances - Not sure what I thought happened next is quite right.
Music - Our pal Moby blasting the headphones
Linear/Non-linear - Non. Back and forth stitching stuff together. I think I've filled most of the gaps which means it's forward until I get stuck and skip around again.
Location - At the desk. Scrivener. Full screen.
Taking care of Mel - Meditation. Walking. Trying to do less caffeine (bah humbug)
Muse food - Hopefully a good bedtime book. The girls seem to be on a SEP re-reading kick. Which is fine by me.

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