March 07, 2008


Congrats to my Aunt Pam, who is one of the five HarperCollins Varuna Awards for Manuscript Development recipients! Yay!

Interesting this hereditary stuff...though we write very different things, there are obviously scribes and scribblers in the family somewhere. I have no idea who they are though. I'm the grandaughter of a baker who loves bread and baking generally. And from the other grandfather, the sea captain, I get my love of water and oceans. A love I don't indulge often enough. One day I want to live, at least some of the time, near the sea. And I have a plethora of Scots/Irish/British ancestry and felt weirdly at home as soon as I stepped onto British soil. Unlike the US, which feels strange to me, even though I like it there and have been there more often.

I wonder which of my other loves and interests come down through the blood? How about you? Anything you love that is bred into you?

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