July 29, 2007


Yay. Take one of the revision of my partial is complete. Now we shall see what some others think and then have another pass.

Which leaves me free to play with something else for a few days. But first, I might actually venture out...it's been very much the sitting in front of the computer or on the couch reading (so far I've re-read HP 1-3 this week plus a couple of other books). And I have a 30% off Borders voucher...I feel a trip to the mall coming on (hey, I also need groceries so that's a reasonable excuse).

I've even done housework (apart from folding my laundry mountain). Go me!

July 28, 2007

Story prowling

There's nothing like having to do something unenjoyable writing-wise (like revisions that are slow and painful and no fun) to turn the muse into ADD child who wants to play with something else. So naturally I just had a dream about my wolf heroine. Initially I thought it was me so I was quite relieved when my brain said distinctly in the middle of the dream "oh, this is her" and then I could relax and pay attention. It wasn't me dealing with the zombie. Excellent. I prefer not to battle zombies in my dreams, much less stressful when it's somebody else and I'm just watching and thinking not helpful commentary.

Not sure what it has to do with my story, though. I don't think there are zombies in that world. So maybe it was just a little 'hello, I'm here' waiting call. Bits of it felt very bookish. So maybe I have to work out whether the zombie is actually not a zombie. (and I just now thought what it could be. oh dear).

Repeat after me, I will finish my revisions, I will finish my revisions, I will not start Wolf 3 yet, I will finish my revisions.

July 27, 2007

While I'm being indecisive

Go read about Bron, here!

Decisions, schmecisions

I slept in this morning because I stayed up late reading. Then sat down at my desk flicking through the newspaper online. And get this from my horoscope "make sure you do anything important before 10am because you won't feel like doing much after that". This was at 9.50 : )

So, do I go back to bed or try and prove the stars wrong....maybe I can do both lol. I should get back into the Friday routine but I'm working next Friday and the Friday after I'll be at the RWAus conference so maybe it's just a see what happens day.

July 25, 2007


I'm slowly emerging from jetlag fog (hindered somewhat by day job brain drain and early mornings). Today I actually started taking a look at the book I'm sending to Blaze after landing a request at RWA. It's amazing what a little distance from a book does. But despite the things I'm noticing that are making me what to smack myself in the head and yell "what were you thinking", there's a lot of good stuff here. Just needs a bit more of the old buff and polish to make it really good.

It's a fun book with characters I really loved writing so I'm hoping I can get back into the swing of them and get through three chapter this weekend then get some opinions. I'd like to get this one off my plate before the RWAus conference. Which gives me two weeks. We shall see.

Then I can play with the new one and maybe...just maybe...think about taking a peek at Wolf 2. Which I think will be more a case of hacking and slashing with a heavy duty machete rather than buffing and polishing but oh well, that's writing for you. At least I'm starting to hear the voices in the head again. They've been snoozing for a little while so I'm glad they're back. And that line would get you men in little white coats in most other professions : )

July 22, 2007

Over it

Okay, I'm officially over jetlag. I thought I'd gotten past the worst of it but last night had another bout of wide awake from roughly 3 to 6. Given I went to bed about one and got up about 9, that equals unhappy camper. Yes, I've read a ridiculous amount of books this week but I'd rather be asleep. Today I've been determined not to nap so as to be sleepy tonight...after all it's back to the day job tomorrow. And being sleep deprived apparently sends the girls into deep deep hibernation. So today has been visiting folks, housework and some RWAus stuff. Pretty much your typical Sunday...except for the only five hours or so sleep bit. I've never had jetlag this bad coming in this direction before, usually I'm worse going over. I wonder if it's because I hadn't really adjusted to the US time then turned around and came back. Yet another reason to spend more time in SF next year.

On another note, HP 7 all done, I am offically safe from spoiler fiends and as I do not wish to be a poopy spoiler fiend, I am making no comments. I think I need to go back and read the whole series again.

And hey, they're making a movie of the Dark is Rising which is one of my all time favourite YA fantasy books (and series). If you have little HP addicts who are sad about not having any more fixes coming their way, try them on Susan Cooper (which I guess is kind of the point of the timing of the film...that and the Golden Compass which looks cool in the trailer).

July 21, 2007

HP in the house

Yay. Plan successfully accomplished, so I'll be the one on the couch reading...

For the record, and without having sneaked a peek, I'll say I don't think Harry dies. One because it would be just plain mean (and yes, I've read books where the protag dies before) but also I think it kills future readership for the series. I mean, once the ending is known, if the ending is that Harry dies, then what's the incentive for new readers to plough through several thousand pages? I also wouldn't bother seeing the last two movies...not that JK cares about that, I'm sure.

Anyway, I have a date with my couch and a new book. Excellent!

Wild about Harry

I went to see HP 5 yesterday (interrupting my read and sleep post Dallas routine - I mean seriously, I know I didn't get a lot of sleep in Dallas but this week I've been sleeping ridiculous amounts. Last night I slept about 8 hours with only a short 3am bout of wakefulness but then got up and had breakfast, went back to bed to finish reading a book and woke up again about fifteen minutes ago) and really enjoyed it. I've generally been someone who prefers the books to the movies as the movies have sacrificed too much plot (while looking great on the whole) but this one was a good balance.

So much so that I think I have to buy HP 7 today and read it when I was planning to wait a bit. So I'm trying to work out the best plan...most bookshops will be a bit mad today...I'm wondering if I should drive to my non-local Kmart instead...will report back.

July 19, 2007

So that was Dallas

Strangely I'm more jetlagged today than yesterday. Mainly because (or I assume) Tuesday night I was too tired to do much more than roll over and fall back asleep when the four am awakes hit. Last night, I read and dozed on and off then fell back asleep around eightish. Jetlag has been good for me catching up on my reading (especially since my bag of books arrived back safe yesterday). Hopefully tonight I'll be back to mostly normal.

Anyway people keep asking me what was the highlight of Dallas? I can't pick just one so here are a few:

1. Barbara Samuel's workshop on Layering in Lusciousness - she's a fab teacher and doing one of her workshops in person again was great (and one of the few 'I really want to see that' workshops that worked with my schedule).

2. Jane Porter's workshop at the Pro retreat. Jane's been to the Aussie conference a few times and she's always fabulous. I'm sorry I missed her two hour (untaped sob) workshop at Dallas but I had schedule issues.

3. Seeing Bron win her GH and her great speech (in fact lots of great speeches from all the fab GH/RITA winners).

4. Hanging out with Miriam and meeting some of her other clients (Rachel, I still didn't get Stray signed...looks like it will be making another international trip next year : ) ).

5. Buying cowboy boots.

6. Wandering around having fangirl "oh my god, that's X" moments.

7. Meeting up with lots of people I know from various online loops (again apologies for my jetlagged brain ladies).

8. Having a lovely time as a GH finalist, so many people took an interest and made us all feel like princesses. It's very cool to have some of your favorite authors ask you about the GH.

9. Seeing my friends get to do cool things like the literacy signings and workshops and general published author fabulousness.

10. The Star Wars exhibit at the Fort Worth Science museum (okay so that's non RWA related but it was way cool to see Luke's landspeeder and Chewbacca and C3PO and R2D2 and now I've just outed myself as a Star Wars geek.

11. Being inspired all over again and even more determined to make this my gig.

Things I learned from Dallas:

1. Next time go earlier and be less jetlagged.

2. You can't go to every workshop under the sun and building in nap time was definitely a good plan. Buy the tapes.

3. If the conference is in Dallas again, ask for a room not on the train station side of the hotel.

4. Arrive early to lineup for things like signings. There are lots of people at the conference (even though it isn't until the big events like lunches and signings that it really feels like that).

5. Take two cases.

6. Ear plugs are your friend (well, that was a continued conference learning...if you're a light sleeper and sharing a room then plug away).

All in all, I had a fab time and am looking to doing it all over again next year (and in between all over again at the RWAus conference next month).

July 18, 2007


And Air NZ just rang and they have my missing bag (the one with the books!!) so things are looking up.

Slight more awake

Okay, after sleeping close to fifteen hours yesterday afternoon and last night, I'm almost awake. Melbourne has turned on its coldest July weather in ten years as a welcome home...lucky us. My inevitable conf sore throat has improved a lot today, so I'm planning more napping and reading and hopefully I'll be even more awake tomorrow.

In the meantime, some pics...

The fabulous Bron Clarke after winning her GH!!

The aussie contingent at the GH/RITA reception - Marion Lennox, me and Bron

Moi with my GH certificates

Keri showing her dark side or 'don't let a NYT bestselling author sneak up on you' lol

Keri and our fab agent Miriam in Fort Worth

An armadillo (which makes more sense if you heard Lisa Kleypas speak at RWA) - this one is quite possibly a writer drowning his sorrows : ))

Two very sleepy writers on the flight from Auckland to Melbourne yesterday

That's all for now!

July 17, 2007

Voyage of the damned - the sequel

I'm back, I'm tired (despite just having crashed for 3 hours unintentionally) and the return journey was just as fun packed only with less sleep.

I'm too tired to blog sensibly about it...go read Keri's post. I'll be back tomorrow when the words remember how to fit together.

July 13, 2007

Quick report

Apart from developing a severe dislike of freight trains (my room is on the side of the hotel which is next to a station), Dallas has been great fun so far. I've only done a few workshops (mostly the pro retreat) because yesterday afternoon was workshop free. Which turned into nap time for me and Keri.

Today I'm doing a few this morning then having lunch with Miriam, followed by the GH/RITA reception this afternoon, so busy, busy. I'm hoping my 4pm nap urge doesn't kick in today because I'm sure falling asleep at the GH/RITA reception is not the way to impress : )

Tomorrow is the nervewracking day - pitching then the GH/RITA ceremony in the evening. In between I can squeeze in a few more workshops to keep my mind off things.

More details coming when I return!

The voyage of the damned

Yes, so that whole leaving on a jetplane thing should've been leaving on a jetplane after about four hours of delays due to fog. Which meant we missed our flight in NZ, got put on a later one (where sleep was limited due to screaming babies and snoring seatmates (no, not Keri)) which then meant we missed our connection to Dallas (no thanks to Air NZ who closed their interline desk before everyone from a plane half full of rescheduled passengers had cleared customs). By the time we got to the AA terminal, we'd missed the flight we'd been rebooked on. But squeaked in on standby for the next (2 1/2 hour later flight). Final arrival time in Texas was about 12.30 am Wednesday morning. Which meant bedtime was 2am. Two slightly tired Aussies arrived at the conference hotel yesterday but we did manage to buy cowboy boots, so all is not lost : ) And navigated the literacy signing and other events.

It's hot, darn hot, here in Dallas. So sightseeing will be limited. Today the conference starts in earnest....so more later

July 09, 2007


Hey, you can't get rid of me quite that easily.

Just wanted to say, if I don't blog and you want to catch up on all the news...there's
Blogging Nationals which has all sorts of folks blogging away about...you guessed it...nationals and apparently RWA are doing a live web update of the GH & RITAs as they happen (they start 8pm Dallas time, which is around 11am Sunday 15th for us Aussie types.

Well my bags are packed and I'm on my way

Well, not quite on my way but my bags are packed, the fuzzies are all introduced to their sitter, I have currency (and hey, the US now has some coloured notes...obviously it's been too long since I've been) and my case actually came in under the weight limit. Wonders will never cease. And once I offload the chocolate and tim tams in Dallas, it should be lighter coming back. Except for that whole free book thing. Hmmm.

All I have to do now is relax. Simple!

I'm hoping to blog from Dallas if I can score time on a computer somewhere along the line. If not, I'll take notes and do some retrospective blogging.

Until then, just talk amongst yourselves for a week or so!

July 08, 2007


Less than forty eight hours until I get on the plane.

Had a minor virgo brain induced stress out yesterday but since then have organised most of my stuff (just the good old US dollars to buy tomorrow) and calmed down.

My pitch is still annoying me but I've still got tomorrow and then three days at National to practice. So all is good. I'm trying to avoid taking my giant case but looking at the pile of stuff that is growing on my smaller case, I'm not sure that's possible. I'm not the world's lightest packer. And I'm not sure how you can pack lightly for something that involves several separate evening events, pitching, a full on formal award ceremony and cold hotels indoors and Texas summer outdoors without ending up paying a fortune for hotel laundering. I'll take another run through the pile tomorrow and discard some things hopefully before the final case decision is made.

Today in my continuing efforts at distraction, I had a lovely breakfast with the VT and hubby at the Commoner in Fitzroy (lovely middle eastern influenced breakfast food - highly recommended) then dropped in on other friends to meet their new kitten (who is adorable though at that crazy zap-around-and-change-your-mind-about-what-to-do0-every-five-seconds pounce and bounce kitten stage (and I have cute teeny tiny kitten claw marks to prove it). My two seem practically comatose in comparison. Then I came home, did a bit more pitch wrangling, read the last part of the fabulous Chris's wip and even did some exercise. Go me. Tonight is McDreamy night, so yay. Now if only I convince myself I don't really want a hamburger for dinner.

Tomorrow, I pack for real and then probably freak out. Maybe a movie would be good....

July 07, 2007

Decisions, decisions

So I'm starting to pack stuff or at least put stuff in piles to be packed. The most important decision, seeing as I have the GH frock sorted, is what books to take for the plane trip. As I've said before, I read fast, so with 19 hours of flying ahead of me (not counting layover times) I need a few books. I've taking Stray, which I've been saving up but I need some more. I usually take books I've read before. Because I've found on the long haul flights, that reading is really more of a distraction than anything, so I want books I know I can enjoy and that it won't matter too much if I'm a little (or a lot) tired and not really able to concentrate 100%. Movies, attempting to sleep and eating plane food can only take up so much time.

The trip back is fine, RWA is apparently the land of free books plus there's the literacy signing where you can buy books to get them signed, so I'm sure to have some new copies of old faves signed or some new books to try.

So what's your idea of a good plane book? I'm not running out to buy anything new (see above), so what should I take? Recommendations anyone?

July 05, 2007


With the day job for a couple of weeks. Vacation here I come. Dallas here I come.

I have several days to pack, make obsessive lists, buy stuff, add more stuff to lists, repack, sleep, relax, work out my plane books, write a pitch, catch up with folks and generally have pre-trip fun and games.

July 03, 2007


More sleeps to go....