June 27, 2008

Stop press

VT crit partners rock.
Plus, I now have a first scene that isn't boring me.
Message ends.


Sorry for the blog silence, it is crazy time at the day job (as it is every year at this time of year but this year I have added bonus of having to get lots done before the big vacation) so not much to report. I seem to have yet another cold, or maybe it's the same cold that never went away, just went into hiberanation or something. Grumble.

And I have these courtesy of the vet and the manufacturers of the beasties pet food. Cute! And comfy. I especially like the little tails. Though I may have to hide them from the orange cat who has strong views about being the only orange cat in the house : )

June 19, 2008

June 13, 2008

The other angle

I'm circling my book, looking for the other angle. At the moment, it doesn't feel quite right, it's not quite balanced or something. For a start, I think I need a new opening scene. Which I have an idea for but I'm not sure yet that it's the right idea.

Hence the circling. THe looking at collages, the listening to music, doing some tarot readings, buying pretty colored office supplies for my scene listings and watching DVDs. Some times you have to trust the girls and let them go quiet while they do their work. Not that it makes it any easier to stop trying to find the key yourself.

Round and round and round.

June 08, 2008

Back take two

Well that last post was overly optimistic. Because Wednesday night I started feeling exhausted and then by Thursday morning I had developed the maybe inevitable post travel plague. So there has been lots of sleeping, reading, sleeping, watching dvds, sleeping, coughing, sleeping and yes, sleeping. Feeling better today so maybe the writing thing will happen. Though I need to write a synopsis for the Witch book which is never the most tempting task...

June 04, 2008

Back (kind of)

My brain is starting to recover (I made it through work without practically falling asleep at my desk today) so I figure it's time to get back to the writing. I didn't get as far through the Wolf 2 revision last month as I'd like but I think I know mostly what needs doing and I want to have another bash at the Witch (which needs structure, structure and more structure) before SF.

Which gives me something like 6 and a half weeks. eeeek.

On the trip front...here's a picture of the little shack I stayed in in Germany.

My room was the middle two windows on the third level. Cramped. Not!

And this is the terrace it looked down on.

Lovely for breakfasting in the warm German summer!

I guess now I have to stick to the exotic worlds in my head for a bit.

June 02, 2008

This appeals in my current mood

more cat pictures

The return

I'm home. And it only took a measly 54 hours or so door to door. A pox on airlines at this point.

More when brain has had sufficient sleep applied. I'm very tempted by the thought of caffeine right now but am resisting. Man, I'm glad I did this after the naturo had been working her stuff for a few months. I do not like to think how awful I'd be feeling if I'd done this trip when I was feeling as tired as I was pre-naturo. And man, I'm glad I don't have to get on a plane for at least a month! Also yay for upcoming four day weekend. Might even get some of that, you know, writing stuff done.

Still argh

Still in Singapore. Hopefully only for another hour...now flying Singapore airlines so hopefully they can escape the Qantas curse and get us out of here.

ETA to get home only, oh 28 hours or so after I was supposed to be. Gah and bosh.

June 01, 2008


I'm still in Singapore. Of course, they made us wait until after midnight until they cancelled the flight. Supposed to be leaving midday. We'll see. I've had less than four hours sleep, no communication from qantas (had to talk to the work people to find out what time my flight actually was, the hotel told us 9am when we checked in, hence my getting up at 6.30 or so after going to sleep after two but it's now midday) and at this point my opinion of airlines, singapore and life in general is unfit to print.

I shall return once I'm home, on a time zone that isn't some weird hybrid of australian/germany/singapore and less cranky. It may take a while!!


Okay either I've annoyed the travel karma fairies or qantas has.

I am once again stuck in Singapore. At least this time (knock wood, cross fingers, turn and spit over my shoulder (or I would but I'd get in trouble for that here)) it's only a five hour delay. I'm leaving at 1am instead of 7.45pm. Hopefully I can sleep most of the flight. It's only 7 hours. I slept almost seven hours from Frankfurt so I'm not too tired. Thank god for business class is all I can say. And airline lounges with showers to make you feel partially human. But man, I am looking forward to my own bed. Even if it is freezing in Melbourne.

More and some piccies once I finally make it home!