March 15, 2008


Well, today has been a good writing day. Which you can see from the below. But this book is weird. Even though it's coming fast, it's not like Wolf where I knew where things were going and kind of had the book playing in the back of my brain at all times and could feel scenes rising up in front of me as I wrote. No, this still feels like I'm driving in heavy fog and my headlights are showing maybe a foot in front of me. It's very first drafty but hey, I'm not arguing at this point. I can figure out what it's all about when I get to the end. At this point, I'm hoping to hit 40k by the end of tomorrow. And maybe fifty k by the end of Easter. We'll see.

Now it's time for grocery shopping and going out for dinner.

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - Fifteen (don't ask me how)
Intriguing things - Demons. Finally. Kissing. Finally.
Annoyances - Not annoying. Apart from having no idea what it's all about of course.
Music - Oxygene Part 11 and Wicked Games. No idea why this single song repeat thing is what this book wants but one does not argue with the girls. Headphones.
Linear/Non-linear - Back and forth. So non.
Location - At the desk. Scrivener. Full screen.
Taking care of Mel - Walking (hell must be freezing over even if Melbourne if melting. Meditation and naps.
Muse food - They definitely liked Robert. Today they wanted lolcats. They found this and this especially hilarious. What can I say. The girls are SF and fantasy nerds. Tonight fun with friends.

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