March 29, 2008


Yesterday was mostly a sitting and thinking about the book day. Which is a necessary part of the process. I think I managed a whole one new page which isn't really worthy of progress update.

The result of my sitting and thinking, including trying to interview my hero on the train only to have him charm the interviewer and avoid talking about anything, is that I probably just need to keep writing. The thing that's stalling me is that while I know plotwise/structurally what needs to happen, I don't have any sense of how those things happen. Usually by this point in a book, I kind of have an idea about the key scenes in the second half of a book, or at least the feel of them, or a few key snippets of dialogue. This time, not so much. I know how I think it ends, I've known that all along, but I don't yet know what causes that ending. Particularly thanks to Mr-I'm-not-telling-you-nothing Hero. Frustrating.

But this is the point where I have to say, well, if the girls know how it ends, they know how to get there and just plunge into the darkness and see what comes up.

Today is lulus and critting (with added pancakes, not that added pancakes are exactly furthering my naturopath's instructions to try and avoid sugar but oh well) so we'll see what the how the writing brain is going after that. I'm gonna try for at least six pages. That would get me to 55k.

More later!


Sussan Marz said...

Just thought I'd let you know that I read your blog and love reading about your progress! I like reading about how you nut out different problems as you're writing. I can't believe how fast you write. I'm a bit of a snail (but working on it).

Sugar, sugar. My chiropractor has been trying to get me to avoid sugar for about a year now. I agree with her whole heartedly but putting it into practice is somewhat challenging!

Anyway, I hope Mr Hero is feeling more talkative when you get back from your meeting.


Mel said...

Thanks Suzy : )

The ever brilliant crit partners came up with a potential solution for Mr Hero's silence so I'll try that and see.

Sugar is a tough one. I'm not a huge sugar head but of course being told not to eat it makes me want it lol. Not helped by naturopath also forbidding aspartame!

And every book is different speed wise. I do tend to be quickish for first drafts but then there's revision. And if the first draft is really quick there's also the inevitable brain-fried-can't-write-anymore downtime afterwards!