March 27, 2008

The fog thickens

It's gone straight from summer to winter here. The heater is on, the rain is falling and the girls apparently are suffering from a combination of a bad night's sleep (due to the brain going 'what is that weird noise' every time the downpour got heaver and me thinking 'oh no, what if it gets really heavy and floods again' every time the brain woke me up) and general lack of clues about what happens next in this darn book. They don't really want to produce pages. They want a nap.

Yesterday I tried the tried and true dump everything out on paper like the world's most pathetic and truncated synopsis from start to finish. The 200 odd pages currently written took up about 3/4 of a page. The 150 pages or so still to write is currently five lines. Ooops. I'm sure there's enough story in there somewhere but I haven't quite got it figured out yet. But I'm going to keep going and try to have faith in the Field of Dreams school of writing aka if you write it, plot will come.

Methinks I need alphie and the iPod. A few pages at least would be good and then the subconscious can work on it overnight. I'll be back with an update...

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