April 05, 2008

What I did on my saturday

1. Swilled evil tasting herbal potions. I have now perfected (and am intending to patent) the evil herbal potion swilling technique as follows:
a) Prepare evil herbal potion in medicine glass. Relocate to bathroom. Have bottle of water on hand. Also mouthwash.
b) Do shot of evil herbal potion while holding nose (note DO NOT LET GO OF NOSE)
c) Chug half a bottle of water while still holding nose (nose holding is KEY)
d) Use mouthwash and rinse mouth well while STILL holding nose.
e) Spit out mouthwash and drink more water. A lot of water.

2. Played around with this because I figured I should finally get around to having a website, having relied on this blog for a while now. And also, you know, the 'if you build it, they will come,' theory of publication lol

3. Watched Ratatouille (cuteness).

4. Made soup because along with evil herbal potion, there is evil diet and really chicken and vegetables and rice cakes is about it. So variety of form is essential.

5. The writing thing. See below.

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - Ten
Intriguing things - Rising to the occasion
Annoyances - Non linear brain
Music - Mika - Happy ending/Over my shoulder. iPod.
Linear/Non-linear - Non and non and non.
Location - Alphie on the couch. Both couches in fact.
Taking care of Mel - Meditation. Evil herbal potions. Very boring food.
Muse food - Ratatouille. Cooking. Website toying.


Anna Campbell said...

Hey, Mel! Wanted to say I love the new website. Especially the gorgeous moon rising!

Mel said...

Thanks Anna : )

I've always loved the moon...no wonder I write about werewolves!