April 10, 2008

Does not compute

So I've got the end-of-work-week tireds and I've hit a point where I need to do some stitching in a dramatic scene and then move onto several more big dramatic scenes and my brain just can't do it tonight. So I'm taking my writerly bat and ball and going home. Hopefully it will make more sense in the morning than it does right now!

Still, the page count has increased a little and that's the main thing at this point. Now, where's my couch?

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - Two
Intriguing things - Return of the missing
Annoyances - Brain not working
Music - The Killers - Mr Brightside at the desk
Linear/Non-linear - Linear
Location - Scrivener at the desk
Taking care of Mel - Evil herbal potions. Very very very boring food. Meditation
Muse food - Nora

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