April 06, 2008


Darn. I didn't get the 12 pages I was hoping for. Only eight. Mostly due to the fact that the stonking great 'I'm on detox type diet' headache that I was hoping I'd missed out on after it didn't arrive yesterday, arrived today. Which meant I spent most of the afternoon staring at a computer screen and thinking "my head hurts". But also because I had to stitch some bits I'd written together and that's always a bit slower than just drafting.

Still, I'm almost at 70k. I don't think this draft is going to get anywhere near 90k, which is what both the Wolf books first drafts came too. Probably just over eighty unless something brilliant that I haven't thought of that needs to happen before the end occurs to me in the next few days.

This is much more talking heady than either of those (and I thought Wolf 2 was talking head city) as evidenced by the fact that my actual word count is almost 19k!!!!! behind my page count wordcount. The Wolf books run at about 10k shorter. So I have at least 10k in just basic 'hey there should be some setting and stuff' in here to do. Plus probably another 5-10k of layering. I also think I'm missing a thread somewhere which will hopefully appear in these last 40-60 pages or so and let me know what I've missed. And that will take me up to 100k+ Or else my brilliant critique partners will have to be brilliant once I've done more grunt work filling in the gaps. One of the joys of writing. I tend to like first drafting more than revising, it's fun to just play. But this book is going to be a 'make it pretty in the revision/s' job all the way.

Regardless, it is now McDreamy time and I'm calling it quits for the weekend.

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - Eight
Intriguing things - Magical interference
Annoyances - The nagging sense of missing something. Grumpy Mr Hero
Music - Mika - Happy ending/Over my shoulder. iPod/Nothing
Linear/Non-linear - Linear.
Location - Alphie on the couch/Scrivener at the desk
Taking care of Mel - Evil herbal potions. Very boring food.
Muse food - Muses on a diet along with me due to headache


Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Mel
I feel your pain with your detox, did one of those myself. Shutter.

Love your web site and blog.Talking head city, have a few of those going on ATM. I look at that at least someone is talking to me.

Good luck with your writing.

Mel said...

Thanks Sandie. I agree. Talking heads is better than deadly silence! Glad you liked the site : )