April 18, 2008

It doesn't take much to make a Mel happy

In fact it just seems to take a banana and a little bit of dark chocolate. Both of which taste surprisingly sweet after 2 weeks of no sugar. Modification negotiations were successful. Let's see how the next two weeks go...


Sandie Hudson said...

Hi Mel,

Yes I know what you mean about needing sugar hits when dieting. I find it interesting that when I'm not on a diet, I really don't care that much for the sweet things. (It's the chips and things that sucker me in.) But when I'm on one of my healthy rants I just have to have something sweet. It's like you can't have that so of course you want it.

Have a great weekend and I hope the modification negotiations continue to go your way.


Mel said...

Yes, deprivation does bad things to your brain! Moderation is the key for me, I've found. I can eat healthy most of the time but occasionally a gal needs chocolate or some chips or a doughnut.

That's why I tell myself I'm detoxing not dieting but at least with the changes I'm allowed now I can eat similarly to what I would normally eat with a few restrictions and feel like I'm having a few treats which is all it takes.

Mel said...

When sil gets first book published, will make celebratory shawl for said sil. 8-p