April 08, 2008

Get your motors running

Well it's not exactly an inspired charge to the end but it's heading in the right direction. Not bad for a work day. I even alphied on the train. Writing on the train is a sure sign I'm either right into a book or just want it to be done : )

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - Twelve
Intriguing things - They put it all together
Annoyances - heroes being mercantile
Music - Whole soundtrack on the iPod and The Killers - Mr Brightside on the headphones at the desk
Linear/Non-linear - Linear.
Location - Alphie on the train. Scrivener at the desk with think and full screen
Taking care of Mel - Evil herbal potions. Very very boring food. Meditation. Walkies
Muse food - La Nora. The girls want La Nora.

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