April 03, 2008

And again

Man, sorry if this has been a boring week of posts but combining end of book push with cold-induced head fog doesn't make for sparkling repartee.

Today, I decided I'd top off the cold with a flu vacc then spent the afternoon shivering. Feeling better again now, so hopefully I'll just escape with a sore arm tomorrow. I've realised this seems to happen to me every year. Like clockwork, the day or so before I'm due for my flu shot, I get a cold. Weird. Or maybe just a coincidence that this is a busy-ish time of year for the day job and the weather usually starts being schizophrenic and therefore I get run down.

Anyway, today is not exactly a huge page count but given my mental state (plus the fact that my foggy brain decided tonight would be a good night to reconsider the whole I need a website issue and go investigating on the internet and playing with templates and hey presto, instant time sink) I'll take it. Tomorrow I've got a date with the naturopath and a massage and lunch in the city with nice gaps between each so I'll take the alphie and the iPod and write in between if I can find a good place. I'm not big on the whole writing in cafes thing but I'll give it a go. But I also need to get up early to accomplish all that, so it's another early night.

Progress - Witch 1

New pages - Four
Intriguing things - Cranky Mr Hero
Annoyances - Cranky Mr Hero
Music - Nothing.
Linear/Non-linear - Linear
Location - Alphie on the couch.
Taking care of Mel - Meditation. Flu vacc
Muse food - Playing with web sites and looking at pretty templates.

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