January 12, 2008

Mel's rules for spiders: Addendum

As previously discussed, I'm not a fan of spiders. I'd rather swim with sharks than let some big hairy spider crawl on me. If I'd been in that first Indiana Jones movie and had to have tarantulas on me, you'd still be hearing me scream.

The winter and spring here were wetter than they have been for a few years which mean I'd fallen into the habit of drying my towels and sheets in the dryer. Everything else I dry inside anyway the majority of the time, which means my washing line had started to resemble something that would make a good set for some gothic drama. Cobwebs-a-rama. Which means spiders.

But today I got brave and decided I needed to wash it down. The weather is too nice to justify using a dryer. Plus line dried sheets smell nicer. So I told myself sternly that line spiders would all be teeny tiny and it was fine and commenced the process.

Which went fine until, of course, the last four inches when some big bugger scuttled out of his hiding place and went streaking past me. Causing me to jump about five feet backwards (not easy given the positioning of my line). There may have been bad language.

So I have a new rule to add for the eight legged ones.

Rule 6: Stay off the clothesline. Measures are about to be employed. Ignore me at your peril.

PS Anyone got suggestions for spider free clotheslines other than surface spray every so often and not leaving pegs on the line???

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