January 26, 2008

Something's gotta give

It was one of those weeks (actually it's been one of those months with many very crappy things happening to very nice people so note to the universe: enough now, 'kay? thanks). Because I am apparently old and feeble, I caught a cold after being rained on at Bon Jovi. A slightly snuffly but a lot sore throaty and feverish cold.

I was all set to have carpet guy come back to deliver the final verdict on my carpet post flood but that meant having to move stuff off the carpet again. Should've done some of it last weekend but didn't due to other things. Monday night I was sick. Tuesday I was sick and mostly asleep all day. Wednesday I was still sick but better and work was frantic and then I had to go out. Thursday work was still frantic and I was exhausted.

I think I've talked before about how trying to keep all the balls in the air is hard work at times. Day job. Writing job. Exercise. Eating right. Housework. Having a life. Most of the time I seem to manage four or five out of six. If six out of six are happening for a while then something always seems to come along to throw things out of whack and send balls off in all directions. Which annoys the Virgo brain no end. Virgo brains think that you should be able to do it all. Virgo brains have unrealistic expectations a lot of the time. So maybe I have a seventh ball which is called 'getting the brain to chill the heck out'.

This week was more like a four out of six just staying in the air week. I got to Thursday and just wasn't up to organising stuff and moving furniture. Needless to say, carpet guy got rescheduled and I'm planning to get relatively organised this weekend so I don't have to do it all next Thursday (let's see if it works). But I'm starting to think that maybe a cleaner is inevitable. Not yet. I need to save for RWA National (which I'm all registered for, YAY) so that I can afford to do things like eat when I get there. But maybe in the second half of the year. Removing one of the balls seems sensible and housework is the only one that's really outsourceable unless I win Tatts (which is difficult when I rarely remember to buy a ticket) and can afford a chef and a trainer and a maid lol.

And now, off to juggle some more

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