January 02, 2008

Start as you mean to go on

I managed a little bit of writing yesterday, not a lot but a bit. But every bit helps. My biggest problem at the moment is settling to one project. My brain has this whirling, jumping, 'gotta write everything NOW', thing going on. And I can't come up with a logical plan to decide on one over another. Everything feels very up in the air, which I guess, is the curse of the unpublished writer - you only have your own deadlines to meet, so if you can't decide what deadlines to set (very unvirgo of me, I know), then no-one does it for you.

For the rest of this week I might just write bits and pieces of everything and see if the muse decides one is going to stick. That and coaxing my body back towards day job sleeping hours (doesn't take long for me to slip into my preferred late nights, sleep in mode on holiday) should keep me entertained.

If the throw everything at the wall method hasn't worked by next week then I shall resort to some sort of selection process. Like maybe looking at my writing goals for the year : )

In other news, it's cool again. A lovely 25 or so (my favourite weather). Though it's meant to be hotting up again in the next few days so we'd better enjoy today!


Fiona Lowe said...

Are we channelling brains? Mine won't stop long enough on an idea to even firm it up! Good luck and fingers crossed for you in 2008

Mel said...

Thanks ; ) Now we just have to work out how to coax the brains out of holiday mode.