January 04, 2008


Three days left in my vacation? Oh no!

I had plans for this break. I was going to tidy the house and garden and do..stuff. I should've known better I guess. I was pretty tired before finishing work and coming home to the flood just made that worse. So apparently the body and the brain ganged up and said "what you're really going to do is just RELAX" for two weeks. Novel concept but apparently it's working as evidenced by me starting to write a bit again.

I guess I could still tidy and garden but 1 - no point tidying when you just have to move everything again to get carpets cleaned and 2 - it's too hot to garden, so looks like it's more reading, writing, watching TV and napping for me. Maybe I'll squeeze in a movie or something. I have just started an online course at Writer Univ, so that has to count as productivity.

How's everyone else done on their break? Gotten stuff done or just chilled out?

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