January 19, 2008


Never be let it said that Melbourne weather does not have a sense of humour. Keri and I are off to Bon Jovi tonight. It's an outdoor concert at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl (the first concert I've ever been to there except for Carols by Candlelight). So, inevitably, Melbourne, where it hasn't really rained much since the dreaded-rain-before Christmas-that-flooded-us-all TM, has turned on a cool rainy day. I'm sure the weather gods are snickering. Childish, those weather deities (she says cautiously, not wanting any more floods etc).

Oh well, I'm sure that Jon will still look and sound hot through rain speckled glasses. Though I'm not sure my raincoat qualifies as hot rock chick wear. Not that much in my wardrobe probably does : )

Elsewhere, I've been reading Heidi's blog and turning green with envy over her access to Torchwood S2 and much hot Jack Harkness goodness (hint, hint, Channel 10). And admiring her brilliant curio collages (go back a few entries). So while I'm living on a somewhat soggy prayer, go play over there.

My own curio collage for the Witch book is revealing that things, particularly for my heroine, might be darker than I thought. How many books it will take before this stops surprising me, I wonder?

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