January 29, 2008

Slowly slowly

Feeling my way into this book. I know the heroine very well but the hero is being unforthcoming. So I need to do some hero brainstorming. Or bribing or something. I'm not one to do character interviews etc but the scenes feel one-sided at the moment because I don't know what's driving him. But I shall find out...heh heh heh.

In other news had one of those days at the day job. I've been working on a big, looong, project. We're nearing the end....sooo close. But every time I think we've got there, something happens to push things back again. It feels like the project equivalent of Nelson from the Simpson...it sucks you in and then yells "Ha Ha" and runs away. Le sigh.

But it's a short week so tomorrow is already hump day!

Now, off to coax some secrets out of a gorgeous man...if I can resist the siren song of Anne's Gracie's The Stolen Princess which is peeking out from my bag and beckoning!

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