May 15, 2009


Today was a good writing day, all grey and cold and gloomy outside. But between writing and housework, there's not exactly a lot of scintillating news to report.

Progress - Witch 2

New pages - 4 plus 1 yesterday. Plus about 8 today on the other book. I think at some point soon there might have to be an executive decision that this one is the one that wants to play right now. I have a good solid start on Witch 2 now and I need to figure out some stuff before it's going to hit it's stride completely. However, we'll continue on the current program for a bit.
Intriguing things - Bespectacled assistants. Bar fights.
Annoyances - Still need to figure out how to get to the crunchy idea bit.
Linear/non-linear - Linear for Witch. Non for the other but I think I've now plugged all the gaps I had so the next bit might be more in order.
Music - Futzed more with the soundtrack for Witch. Cut some stuff. Added the new Placebo song which I heard on the radio last night and made the heroine go "oh yeah, THAT". Silence for the first other stint then soundtrack since then.
Location - The desk. Word.
Taking care of Mel - Nia yesterday. Sleeping in.
Muse food - Re-reading Corambis. House.

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