May 09, 2009

Heading in the right direction

So Thursday I took as the day off the four pages a day on Witch 2 for the week. But I still managed to write about eight pages of another wip which has been silent for an age but decided to suddenly jump up and down on my brain with great vigour late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning. I really like this story so I'm very happy that it is talking to me again. And I'm starting to feel a little in the rhythm with Witch 2 as well (and hey, I've cracked 10k. Possibly the longest time ever taken for me to write 10k but it's cracked now). So we will keep on doing what we've been doing as my head is a much happier place when the words are being put down on paper instead of bouncing around inside my skull with no way out.

Today I did my four pages on Witch 2, then re-read what I had of the other wip to refresh my memory and futzed with it a bit. Mostly though, I mainlined a lot of Studio 60 and really enjoyed it. I like Sorkin in quixotic romantic mode. If only he got to do it for longer than a season on this one. Anyhoo, it's late and my fingers are starting to tangle when I type, so off to bed we go.

Progress - Witch 2

New pages - 4 pages
Intriguing things - A reason for something to happen that I didn't foresee.
Annoyances - Still much prior book world fact checking. This is what happens when you write fantasy. It happens with contemporaries too but less annoyingly.
Linear/non-linear - non.
Music - Dixie chicks.
Location - The desk. Word and think.
Taking care of Mel - Long walk to fetch the little silver car from it's visit to the car spa
Muse food - SEP. Sorkin. Aforementioned walk.

More later today after the appropriate amount of sleepings.


Tez Miller said...

Is the little silver car all better now?

Mel said...

Yes, all purring again. Just a regular service but it was a bit overdue : )