May 05, 2009

Over and over

Wiktory! Four pages done, wordcount first digit increased by one. Very slow four pages but they're done. Now we just have to lather, rinse and repeat about 82 more times and I'll have a draft.

Speaking of lather, rinse and repeat, I've been watching the Aussie version of Masterchef, and I know lots of reality shows do this but I find the practice of spending the first half a minute or so after each ad break recapping what just happened before the ads extremely annoying. I mean, I get that they're trying to catch you up if you've just tuned in but normal TV shows don't do it, so why does reality TV need to? Do they think their viewers are dumb? Or perhaps goldfish who can't remember what happened three minutes ago? I'm hoping they'll ease off now that they're down to the regular half hour shows rather than one hour eps that they have to fill out somehow. Because apart from re-cap-itis (which really makes me want to change the channel) I'm quite enjoying it.

I was going to start my metrics again tonight but I shall leave that for another evening. Have to go sit on the couch and resist chocolate cravings now.

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