May 12, 2009

Checking in

Reporting in. I did have a deep thought about writing open vs closed worlds but I think I will wait until another time when I have brain power to formulate my thoughts with something resembling coherence.

Progress - Witch 2

New pages - 5 pages
Intriguing things - Random making out
Annoyances - Fingers stuck in slow typing mode
Linear/non-linear - very non. so non I have no idea where it is in the book.
Music - All over the shop trying to find something that didn't make me itchy. Bounced from Kelly Clarkson (beautiful disaster), the Killers (Mr Brightside), Robbie Williams (Sin Sin Sin) and David Gray (This Year's Love) before hit the groove with Dido (Who makes you feel) which works well for my reluctant couple.
Location - The desk. Word. Though I did resort to typing with my eyes closed at one point.
Taking care of Mel - I think a salad sandwich for lunch is the best I can do.
Muse food - Not much. We'll see what I feel like watching.

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