May 17, 2009

Still moving

So I realised yesterday that I was a bit stuck on Witch so I'm going with the talking book for now. Still aiming for four pages a day, six days a week. Though I'm going away this weekend, so I might just give myself a few days off for that.

Not much else news around here. I saw Angels and Demons last night and didn't mind it. I've never been able to watch all of the Da Vinci Code for some reason (I didn't mind the book, it's a good yarn), so wasn't sure if I'd like A&D. I liked the book of A&D better than Da Vinci and turns out, liked the movie better too. It's still a bit heavy on exposition and problems being instantly figured out but that's what happens when you chop down a thick book to a movie I guess.

And now, it's Sunday night chill out time.

Progress - Lily

New pages - 6 plus 2 yesterday. Witch 2 needs some pondering.
Intriguing things - Redemption. Blind vampires
Annoyances - Wandering conversations
Linear/non-linear - Non
Music - Soundtrack yesterday. Nothing today.
Location - The desk. Word and Think. Then the netbook.
Taking care of Mel - Nia yesterday. Sleeping in.
Muse food - Lazy day. Still re-reading

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