May 18, 2009

Just another

manic Monday as the song goes. Day job sort of went by in a blur though stuff got done so that was good. Came home with a weird urge to bake bread which is something I'd never usually attempt on a work night as my brain tends to think it takes forever. But it doesn't and now I have lovely home made rolls for lunches the rest of the week. Mmmm, fresh bread.

There were also pages.

Progress - Lily

New pages - Four
Intriguing things - Gatecrashers
Annoyances - Taking forever to think up said gatecrashers and get the scene moving
Linear/non-linear - Non
Music - Nothing.
Location - The desk. Word and Think.
Taking care of Mel - Made bread.
Muse food - About to check out the lovely Nathan Fillion in Castle.

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