May 04, 2009

May day

Right. I'm imposing a new goal. There's been a lot of circling and thinking about this damn wip (and, yes, there are distractions with babies and sewing and big old work projects) but at some point there's just got to be some serious BICHOK. Last time I checked no-one had invented the "put this on your forehead and sheer brilliance shall be sucked onto the page" machine. So time to suck it up and just work.

So my May goal is to keep that word count climbing. I want the number before the comma to keep going up by one at least six days a week. So that means four pages a day (well, unless i did more than four the day before). It's do-able. It's easily do-able. So let's see what happens. Today I went from six to seven. Tomorrow we're aiming for eight.

Also, about to suck it up and climb back on the ET. The stomach bug in March threw my exercise routine completely out the window but BICHOK needs some form of physical exercise to occur or it will be EIBICHOK.

PS: Dear Universe, to facilitate the above, I am graciously accepting donations of housework fairies, lottery wins, miraculously restocking refrigerators etc etc. 'kthnxbye.

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