November 26, 2008

Standing at the top of the downhill run

Well, I have fifty odd pages left to go on this revision. I'd like to finish it Friday. We shall see. The last fifty pages were written pretty fast but I think they're pretty strong so it should hopefully just be more layering and you know putting in that scenery and what people are doing and stuff. I'm hoping it won't grow too much though, this is now offically the longest book I've written, sitting at 106k or something by page count. And now, it's time for Criminal Minds so here's the daily score.

Progress - Wolf 2 revision

New/Revised pages - Revised 25 or so. New pages around 3. Re-revised to put in the thread from last night about 5.
Intriguing things - Mystery mystery
Annoyances - I could happily barrel right through now but unfortunately there's that whole day job thing tomorrow.
Music - Final act soundtrack
Linear/Non-linear - Linear with one small backtrack.
Location - The desk. Word and think.
Taking care of Mel - Nap
Muse food - Not much. Re-reading Sunshine yet again, which always makes them happy. Robin McKinley is a goddess.

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