November 18, 2008

Daily pages

Yay, another day down, scene finished, now I have a reasonable chunk of what I think is fairly solid stuff until the next bit of 'needs serious tweaking' happens.

Progress - Wolf 2 revision

New/Revised pages - Er, I wrote about three new pages and revised maybe 20.
Intriguing things - Nothing new but hallelujah to have made it through the sloggy parts (no, those shall not be famous last words)
Annoyances - Nothing to report.
Music - Back to the original soundtrack at the desk. With a bit done at work at lunch too. No music there.
Linear/Non-linear - Linear
Location - The desk. Word and Think.
Taking care of Mel - Still working that bit out.
Muse food - Maybe a dvd....Quickflix just coughed up some more Supernatural eps. Yay. Eye candy. Though sometime supernatural is too spooky for me (yes, go the wimpy paranormal writer...not sure it is about supernatural in particular, not many other TV shows spook me.)

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