November 15, 2008

Reporting back

Okay, so I waded my way through writing a scene that needed to be inserted and am now at 104, so not quite ten pages but given it was all new stuff, not too bad, if a little slow. Tomorrow I can re-slant the next scene for what I've changed, then maybe write the other extra scene I need...once I get past the next chapter or so, I think the rest works pretty well and just needs layering and tweaking, so hopefully it will speed up.


Progress - Wolf 2 revision

New pages - Nine
Intriguing things - Interfering vampires
Annoyances - Revision in general
Music - Back to the original soundtrack with the noise cancelling headphones at the des.
Linear/Non-linear - Linear (revisions tend to be linear around here).
Location - The desk. Word and Think.
Taking care of Mel - Porridge? Chores? Sleeping in.
Muse food - A reading in bed morning. Dinner with lulus tonight.

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