November 22, 2008

Pondering Bond

So I just got back from seeing Quantum of Solace and my verdict is good but not as good as Casino Royale. Daniel still rocks as Bond and this movie was the necessary Bond-get-his-revenge movie and the dude who plays the villain does a very good line in sociopathic-nutjob dead eyes and I'll be very interested to see where they take this new Bond now he's past that point.

What dragged it down for me was the action. I loved the action in Casino Royale. Yes there were pacy fast bits but it felt gritty and real and really dragged you in. In QoS, I'm sad to say they've gone for the Bourne-like ultra-fast cuts during action. Not as shaky as Bourne thank God, so you don't need dramamine but here's my thing with this sort of action. In film, the camera is kind of your POV. It shows you what is important, where to pay attention, builds tension etc etc. So a good action sequence should be fast but it should also be involving and you should feel like you're right there in the middle of things. The trouble is when you cut super fast every other second, it's like headhopping on speed in a book. You don't where you're really supposed to be or really what's going on and your brain is so busy going ""wait, whuh? hey over-no here, whoops, no over, frak what the heck is- ow - back to - no- stop -now I'm dizzy" that it's not going "wheee I'm ducking a punch, now I'm leaping across a building, quick duck the gunshot" etc. You're standing outside the action trying to decipher it rather than feeling like you're in it.

So instead of being more exciting or real (and I'm sure the directors think it's more exciting), it's actually distancing and less exciting. I guess the super speedy thing is meant to play like the action would in real time but I also have problem with that because if you're ever in that sort of action situation or any situation where the adrenaline kicks in, time tends to slow down, not speed up, so you do have time to take in what's going on and react.

But still, it was a pretty good film and I'll be ponying up my cash for number three when it comes along. Because really, any movie with lots of this guy, has to be pretty good.

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