September 29, 2007

Warning - likely randomness

Brain status - still pretty much broken. So this may be a little scattered.

But first a big WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!! to the uber-talented Bron for selling her GH winning manuscript. She is clever! You must all buy her book when it comes out next year.

Other good things:

Not having to watch the Grand Final this afternoon (due to interest, none)!
It is the weekend!
Miss Doxie (funny, funny, funny).
Lemon cheesecake chocolate (though now that my mother has signed me up for some sort of wardrobe advice/style makeover thingy jiggy at the end of October chocolate consumption needs to cease and desist to give Operation Make Pants Less Tight a fighting chance).

Other things (may be symptoms of brain brokeness):

My hand is bruised. Method of bruising, you ask? Why, I stuck my hand in my letterbox to grab mail, then started to walk towards front door without performing essential step of removing hand from slot before moving feet. Net result, whack hand good on metal mailbox rim. Owie.

Losing ability to identify objects correctly. Proof - yesterday told orange cat quite sternly to stop sniffing the washing machine. Which would be fine except he was sniffing the sewing machine. Apparently they both do something with cloth and that is good enough for my brain.

Misinterpreting the word "September" as "Spend spend spend like a spendy thing-tember". Thank goodness for credit cards (this tune will likely change when I get my statements next month). I have increasingly demonstrated my unfailing ability to pick the most expensive variant of a thing at fifty paces and fall in love with it by acquiring a Pandora habit (I'm blaming Gwen for this one and the fact that I have already proven myself able to lose normal charms from normal charm bracelets with mysterious ease), new Jo Malone perfume (Red Roses, me smell pwetty) and er more fabric for quilts (more on this later). I did manage not to buy any of the three handbags I spotted in DJs and adored (the cheapest of these was $1935!!! so apparently even my spendiness has it's limits).

The quilt thing: I think I may have blogged about quilting (or my desire to someday have a go at the non-teeny tiny pieces and stitching variety) before. Because I like colour and pattern and quilting seems to require enjoying that sort of stuff. As I have pointed out my brain is broken and I cannot be expected to find the relevant posts. You may search if you wish.

Anyway, earlier this year I finally (as part of an artist's date) when to a quilting store and bought some fabric (demonstrating my expensive picking expertise nicely). Sadly things did not progress very far due to, you know, me trying to have a day job, write books and be treasurer for RWAus and occasionally prove to friends and relatives that I am still alive by seeing them in person. Not much spare time for coming to grips with quilting.

But seeing as I am now no longer treasurer, I theoretically have some time for some other creative outlets and so I pulled out the fabric and tried to cut some up (after Chris demonstrating how easy it was to do so). Let us just say it was not so easy for me and I may have whined to the VT about not knowing what I was doing (virgos do not like this). She, being brilliant and virgo-y promptly presented me with a gift voucher from the quilt shop as part of my birthday present, pointing out that they, duh, had classes. Who knew?

So yesterday I toddled off and signed up for a class, thinking I would do something simple as a class project then come back to my other quilt. So I explained this to the nice quilt lady and she helped me buy still more fabric (spendy, spendy, spendy, most expensive fabric in store picked withing five minutes, spendy, spendy, go me) for a squares quilt. Then she managed not to laugh too hard at me when I told her which quilt I was planning to make which she pronounced just as easy and I could practice on that. But no, practice quilt is smaller and will be done first. It is the Virgo Way.

Then she mentioned I needed to test my sewing machine before class (good point, said machine has lived in my wardrobe for several years since I inherited it from my mother. My sewing activities over this period have been limited to handstitching hems and buttons and the odd cross stitch. But I can sew. I used to make clothes and all). Then it occurred to me that, to test the machine I need more fabric, (as of course one cannot waste the expensive stuff on practice sewing). So I bought yet more fabric, pins and a rotary cutter so I can return Chris's spare at Spotlight. So now I have practice squares to practice on for my practice quilt. It's like a never ending spiral of fabric. And spendiness. And apparently after learning to machine piece I can do more classes in hand quilting (hmmm, maybe. I do hear tell that - ssssshhhhh- you can pay people to machine quilt for you), binding and I'm sure it just goes on from there. Go me.

Just in case that was all confusing I have:

Practice material to test machine.....

Practice quilt material (we shall dub thee Mel's soothing blue and white nap quilt)....

And original quilt we coveted material (Mel's quilt of brightness)

(Sorry, bad photos. Light not great today. Plus my camera isn't fab at close up.)

And I saw plenty of pretty fabrics in further quilt shop investigations with Chris yesterday and this morning when I was sleeping in and dozing in and out I kept seeing fabric patterns in my head and colour combos. Not even patterns I had seen in the stores. Help! The girls are obsessed. I'm assuming it's all story food and creativity fertiliser so let's see.

PS Apologies for long-and-ramblingness. You were warned. And now off to iron practice practice fabric as it has been washed. I don't even like ironing! Then there will cutting and sewing. Should be entertaining.

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