September 07, 2007

Eight hours or so later

I did go back to bed. Ha! But did not really nap long. Boo!

However, I have gotten up again, I have cleared the ottoman (becoming astounded at how much stuff can live on an ottoman in the process), I have moved stuff from the ottoman to other spots to be cleared up when I do those spots : ), I have tossed stuff out, I have written pages (both for class and you know, actual book stuff) and I have done some exercise (proving to myself in the process that my cardio capacity after *cough cough* weeks off closely resembles that of a 90 year old one legged life time smoker with half a lung - le sigh). So go me.

Somewhere in there there may have been a leetle watching of Captain Jack Harkness videos on youTube but only because he is HAWT and both he and Doctor No. 10 (rightly named the first Time Phwoarrrrr by the UK press) are doing a good job of being all heartbroken and hunky lately. A mood I'm trying to capture in a wip, so it must be RESEARCH. Cross my heart and everything.

Now I must go and find the second half of a certain VT's birthday present, because I hear rumours that tomorrow she will be older than me!!

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