September 18, 2007


I did manage to finish my hardcopy revision pass last week. But since then it's taken me several sessions to get through the first fifty pages in soft copy. Granted, I had a mostly socialising weekend but still, this is meant to be a high level pass and the girls have turned anal on me and are being nitpicky and tweaky to an annoying degree.

Revisions. Apparently some people like doing them. Right now, I'm not one of them. I can only hope they'll get faster as they go along but given that the last third of the book is far more talking-head-o-rama than the start, I'm not so sure. I'd bribe myself with chocolate but given I ate enough on the weekend to fuel a small army, calorie free birthday weekend aside, that's probably not such a good idea. We want to get smaller, not larger. The reverse of the book really.

So it's once more into the fray for me. Listen for the snarls if you want to find me.

PS While I'm cranky, can I just say the next time someone says Britney looked fat at the MTV awards, they're going to get smacked. Yes, she's not as ridiculously buff as she once was, and the performance (or so I gather) had problems but for Pete's sake, the girl has had two children quickly and is obviously having some issues but still has a body that I think 90% of the female population of the world would love to have. She might not be a size zero (and don't get me going on what the hell is size zero) but SHE IS NOT FAT. And people saying frankly ridiculous things like that are the reason so many women (and men) are screwed up about body image. Sheesh. I think I need to go watch some Dove ads. They at least seem to have a vague notion of what real women look like and respond to.

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