September 07, 2007

Mess wrangling

I've recently finished up a volunteer position. Which should mean a few more spare hours every week for myself. Combine that with spring fever and I have the urge to tidy the few pockets of mess that are bugging me. The desk. The spare room. The book mountain that has grown on my bedroom floor. The pile of mysterious stuff on my ottoman that serves as a coffee table. My garden (though I think that one is more than just a mess, it might be a full scale rescue project). Getting my financial program up to date so I can do taxes.

Obviously I can't do it all at once (oh for a magic wand), so I'm going to tackle bits and pieces. Today the ottoman.

But I think all of this sudden housework obsession might be a symptom of trying to avoid freaking out about the other mess I need to wrangle. The book I've promised myself I'll spend a month playing with just to see what happens. The one that I have bits and pieces that are all over the place for (neatly organised bits and pieces now, thanks to Scrivener).

And none of these urges are helped by the fact I'm still feeling pretty tired and washed out post flu. I need to get back to the exercise routine I think but it's always hard to do that first session when you feel exhausted. Maybe first I'll just go back to bed : ) The evil beasts formerly known as my cats decided last night (a night when I was tired and looking forward to sacking out and not having to get up with an alarm) was a 'yowl for no reason and scratch at the door endlessly' night. Pets. Supposedly good for your health but today, not so much.

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