September 08, 2007


So I just saw the Bourne Ultimatum. I loved the first two movies. Great action, great story, great protagonist. This one, well, not so much. I still think Matt rocks and the character of Bourne is interesting and I'll even spot them the constant motion cinematography given that I have an inner ear that is far wimpier than most when it comes to spinny whirly things making me feel sick (but most movies don't give me a headache). But I will not spot them plot holes the size of small continents. And I can suspend my disbelief with the best of them. Yes, Bourne is good, yes he's the black ops operative par excellence but if you want me to buy him getting into some pretty high security places let alone multiple countries when the entire CIA seems to be looking for him then you'd better explain how he pulls at least some of it off, rather than assuming we'll take it on faith. When I'm sitting back and analysing why something doesn't make sense rather than carried along for the ride like I was with the first two, then you're doing something wrong.

So if they make Bourne 4, please let them buy steadicam and a little bit of internal logic.

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