September 12, 2007

To the future

Well, I might have mentioned that I'm doing an online course at the moment. Anyway, it's a voice class with Barbara Samuel. Actually it's my second time round on this course, that' s how much I love Barbara's classes. But I digress.

One of the exercises we do is to picture your 80th birthday party and how you want it to be and what your 80 year old self would tell you to do. Which all the fabulously talented gals in my course have duly done and I was trying to come up with some comments but really, they all sounded fantastic, and all our 80 year old selves are brilliant and wise and I really want to get to go to some of those parties, so all I could come up with was this, which is my distillation of what everyone said and a reminder of what we have to do if we want to live to be grand old broads at 80. And with apologies to SARK, who's 'How to be' posters are fabulous and kind of inspired me.


1. Stop worrying so much about stuff (no, seriously, stop worrying). You will survive and conquer anything.

2. Love hard, play hard, write hard. Go for it.

3. Life is better near the beach (or near a mountain, your choice).

4. Remember you are gorgeous all the time (and can definitely be gorgeous at 80). Wear what makes you feel special and to hell with what 'they' think.

5. Don't put things off. Don't be afraid. Don't save the good stuff for 'later'.

6. Trust yourself.

7. Keep learning. Be curious.

8. Have adventures (skydiving optional).

9. Exercise (yoga, pilates, sex, whatever).

10. Eat well but don't forget we all need treats.

11. Forgive. Life is too short.

12. Have pets.

13. Cherish love in all its forms. Family, friends, the universe.

14. Singing and dancing are good for the soul. So is laughter.

15. Remember this list : )


Mel Francis said...

fabulous, Mel S!

Keziah Hill said...

I've printed it out and put it up on my notice board Mel.

Mel said...

Thanks gals : )

And I'm going to print myself a nice copy in colour or something too!