March 01, 2009

Busy busy

So Friday was the Australian Quilt Convention, so Chris and I toddled along and were semi-restrained. I bought a few bag patterns and some fabric, so there will be more bags along the line somewhere. Came home from AQC mid afternoon then critted and did a bit of writing.

Yesterday there was Lulus where there was much critiquing and eating of violet crumbles (and other yummy healthier things).

Last night I started making this:

And finished it this morning obviously. It's Grand Revival Design's Practical Bag and the fabric is just a quilting cotton from Spotlight that I thought was cute lined with a heavier black cotton (though the actual quilting cotton is heavier than normal and the design is printed on which makes it stiffer too). It was pretty easy to make (though I remembered how much I hate sewing black things though maybe I was just a bit tired. Or maybe I should've gone with green thread), took maybe three hours including cutting time. I found it a bit tricky to insert the straps perfectly neatly which doesn't really matter on this one as it's just a take shopping bag but if I were making one in prettier (and perhaps lighter) fabrics as a gift or to carry more as a big bag, then you need to be careful with your seam allowances. If I was making another tote one then I might make the straps a smidgeon longer (maybe an inch or two) just because I'm tall.

My other speedy project today was a new 'hanging thing for over the arm of the recliner to put stuff in' for Mum as the folks got their couch and chairs recovered. I made out of a thick slubby decorator fabric and am once again impressed with the Janome's ability to chug through balked only at the very last corners which were getting close to 75mm thick I'd say, so I just caught those by hand. This is probably the first thing I've ever made without a pattern, I just looked at the old one and made something similar dimensions. It's just a rectangle with a compartment pocket which you could make deeper for a remote or something I guess. Would've been easier with an overlocker perhaps to finish the edges quickly without having to turn them under but it should work regardless. At least it was fast.

Next on the project list is a couple of library bags for this:


I'm going to do some teen size ones of the backpack style. So will cut fabric during the week and that can be my sewing time next weekend. If you sew (or even if you don't but can donate some stuff) maybe give it a go.

For the rest of the day I need to write, clean, grocery shop, exercise and then possible collapse.

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