March 01, 2009


Or maybe not so yikes. I just did the whole damn thing. 46 minutes on the elliptical, 10.6kms. And maybe that's not a lot for some people but that's my personal best. So woohoo! Go Coach Sean. Go me!

I've never been a big high intensity cardio fan (other than dance when I was younger). I like to walk and swim but never been a jogger or a runner (combine asthma and bad knees and jogging never was pleasant). And yes, I go for hour long walks or bike rides and yes, when I was going to the gym, I did step and Body Attack etc and the odd hour long session on the treadmill but I could never run on a treadmill (and step crucified my knees). So for me, running more than 10kms on the ET (let alone ENJOYING it) is a big deal. And hey, as I keep adding Cardio Coach levels, I'll probably crack that hour on the ET anyway. Not every workout but one long ET session a week plus two thirty minutes+ sessions and an hour of Nia and a pilates class is not a bad exercise level for someone who was doing not much consistent exercise at all last year and who, when I first climbed back on the ET late last year was finding ten minutes tough.

Apparently I have an inner athlete after all!

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