February 28, 2009

Sartorial math

Like most women I have clothing in a couple of sizes in my wardrobe (insert stupid non standardised sizing rant here). Some of it due to weight ups and downs and some due to aforementioned non-standardised sizing.

I managed to put on about five kilos over the social whirl that was November and December last year but I've been doing pretty well with my diet and exercise resolutions this year and have taken most of it off so today I tried on some jeans in the middle size range and hey, the biggest of those fit fine again and the smallest are almost there (another kilo or so and they'll be tight but on lol). So yay (and sigh, yes, the way to lose weight is sensible not-100% perfect eating and regular exercise).

Of course there's another level of jeans in the cupboard which need another five kilos or so past this point to go but I'll get there. In fact I'm planning to get there and pass them by on my way to my goal weight. At which point I'll need still more clothes and will be happy to buy them.

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