March 23, 2009

Vive la france

So later yesterday I thought I'd just cut out my pieces for the Frenchy bag so I could fiddle with it a bit during the week.

Only then I started it and not much longer after that, I had this.

Very cute and the Tula Pink Flutterby fabrics work really well. This is the handbag size and I'm definitely going to make the shoulder bag size as well (one more for the project list) because it's probably more 'going out in the evening' size for me than handbag size given I tend to carry a fair bit in my day bags. So I'll probably make myself a little matching coin/card purse and I'll be set.

I made the handles longer so it does go over my shoulder and I divided the pockets but otherwise, it's pretty much as per the pattern (well, except for the inevitable using fusible interfacing - light on the bag and lining and medium on the straps and top - instead of sewn in). Though I did leave the opening for turning in the bottom of the lining which worked well. Oh and I didn't topstitch at step 7, only at the end. All stuff I found in other reviews. Putting in the magnetic clasp was easier than I expected, so very happy overall.

Next on that list, the quilt back.

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