March 22, 2009


So last weekend I was feeling a bit buggy and all week I was EXHAUSTED and pushed it a bit by going out two nights so Friday afternoon I started feeling pretty terrible and yesterday was spent mostly asleep. Today I'm feeling a bit better but hardly full of pep. So it's been a sleeping and reading and lying on the couch watching dvds type of weekend. Which is annoying because I wanted to start my Frenchy bag and get stuck into the wip and get back into the exercise routine which had slightly gone out the window due to feeling not well. Guess that will have to wait a bit.

Friday, before I started feeling bad, I made these:

They're the Perfect Pouches pattern by Lazy Girl Designs, which I have to say is a very easy and quick to do pattern. I didn't have any batting, so just interfaced the back and it seems to work fine. I made the blue one first then was experimenting with the red one to see if I could find a way of doing it so you don't end up with raw seams inside that you zig zag. Short answer, yes, you can, long answer, yes you can with a french seam but it comes out a bit wonky looking cos the seams get very bulky around the zip and corners and it's hard to keep it squared. I think an easier option might be cutting slightly bigger so you've got a big enough seam allowance to turn the edges over twice. Or you know, living with zig zag or another finishing stitch. The way you do the zips in these is really nifty and clever and they're very quick to do. I'm going to make some bigger ones for packing and travelling etc.

This afternoon I made this (probably not the smartest idea. Sewing while slightly brain befuddled = unpicking).

This is the large boxed version of the Nicole Mallalieu coin purse design. I didn't get one side seam quite right, there too big a gap between the zip and the edge but I am considering these my learning versions. I didn't interface this one because I wanted to see what it was like without it. Answer, probably fine in a slightly heavier fabric but I'll do a light interfacing on the outer material in future versions to give it a bit more structure.

And now I'm going to lie on the couch some more and maybe wriggle my fingers over the alphie after I've recovered from a whole hour or so of sewing. I hate viruses!

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