July 31, 2008

The first day

I'm at the Marriott now, all checked in and settled. Luckily the hotel gods were smiling on me and there was a room ready as soon as I arrived around ten-ish. So I am well ensconced. You can even open the window which I love in hotels...too much air con is never a good thing unless it's a lot hotter outside than it is here. The room seems very luxurious after my other hotel which was nice but not five star.

Just pottering around registering etc today, giving the somewhat tired feet a break after mucho sight seeing and shopping the last few days. And letting the new book natter a bit more, it's been complaining of neglect the last few days. It would be cool to get it up to past the 10k mark before I leave but that will depend on inspiration and scheduling. I think my hero wants a POV. Given the heroine is in first, I'm not sure what to do about it...what do you think? Is duelling firsts weird? Should it be first for her and third for him? Should I try and get him to step back (though he is lovely and hard to resist)??

Later there's the literacy signing and I shall toddle around and try and resist too many books and take piccies of the aussies. Then hopefully catching up with various folks tonight before it all starts happening for real tomorrow (so far I have breakfast, lunch and a dessert thing after dinner booked).

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Fiona Lowe said...

HI, Mel,

Looking forward to reading your blog these next few days and hearing all about the conference. Have the BEST time.