July 13, 2008


This morning the girls woke me up with some very specific things to go back and add in to the chapters I've been working on this weekend.

So I spent most of the day doing nitpicky, tweaky stuff which is always time consuming (okay, so there may have been some playing with the new toy too). I added about four more pages and made my hardcopy notes on the next two chapters but both of them need quite a lot of stuff (this being the point where the book gets even more talking headish, if that's possible and also because of things I've changed elsewhere, quite a few scene's need to be slanted in a different emotional direction) and it's now Sunday night and I need some TV veging time. Sadly that means no actual increase in the chapter count today even though I did quite a bit of work. I am now over 90k so that's good news.

From here on in I'm hoping for a chapter a day Monday-Wednesday, maybe some notes Thursday and Friday (work trip) then a big push to get it done next weekend in time for a final quick read through/typo check before I send it to Miriam.

So if I'm not blogging much, it will be because I'm stitching a book together!

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Freya Croft said...

Yay you.
Sometimes the hardest words are the ones that are tweaked into the story.