July 20, 2008

Update the second (aka Numfar do the dance of joy)

Done! All done! Every last bit. Done, done, done. But hopefully not like a dog's dinner. And it's come in at 396 pages which is about spot on! Yay! And possibly la la la!!

A final read through tomorrow for a last typo hunt and then it's off to Miriam. Which might result in still more revisions but for now I am done and can go to SF all clear conscience-ey. Plus, I can stop listening to the five Dixie Chicks songs that have been on constant rotation for this entire revision. I still like them but for now, I'm kind of over them.

Better still, I can start playing with some of the other books that have been slinking around the edges of my mind whining about when it will be their turn. Soundtrack creation. Collaging. Random scene writing. Fun stuff.

And hey, if you recognise the quote above, then you hopefully have been following along with Dr Horrible. Be warned, it is Joss. Who always brings a healthy dose of pain with the funny. Which I'd forgotten till he smacked me in the head with a reminder in Act III.

Today, however, no pain. Only the glorious sensation of done oh done.

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